The origin and significance of jewelry

First, originated from the existence in the

Grosse said in his book the origins of art, most of the art of primitive peoples is not starting from the purely aesthetic motivation, and often try to make its actual purpose has been used. In ancient times, in the living environment of mankind, in order to obtain prey, often dressed up as prey similar to confuse each other. Skins dressed in the body, the horns on the head. This hunt for a living wearing animal furs may be the earliest human unconscious decoration. Meaning but the decoration is not aesthetic but utilitarian. In the fight with nature, harm humans in order to protect themselves from the outside world, such as animals, plants or alien invasion, often in the head, arm, wrist, feet with a variety of animal skins, bones and other wear. Around the neck, waist or wrist hang Xiao Shuo Shi or the bones of small animals, and animal teeth, sometimes people need in order to register or Chronicle.

, wear jewelry in order to open up the second evil stability

Rain in nature, sickness and death in human reproduction, natural phenomena are normal. But in the view of the ancients, these are all gods and ghosts in manipulation. In order to avoid disaster, survive, and it is often used in witchcraft ceremonies to pray for divine protection. So, at certain times, men and women danced around the fire or sacrificial activities. And hang on the ankle, wrist rattle, with dance moves, the sound is very good, but also achieve the evil people want. These pendants can also be regarded as the origin of jewelry's predecessor.

three, wearing jewelry is a Totem

"Totem" term er-gun Jean, is a North American Indian tribe Ojibwa dialect "Totem" (in the English alphabet, and others writing totam or dodain) transliteration. What is Totem? Clan totems as are blood relatives of the clan, the tribe some clan's Totem as a sign or symbol; some totems as its ancestor or patron; others as a totem has a variety of significant biological or non-biological. Book the origins of Totem culture and human cultures, writes:

(1) the Totem clan logo or symbol.

(2) the Totem is the blood kinship with the groups of biological or non-biological.

(3) the Totem is the ancestor of biological or non-biological.

(4) the Totem is the patron saint of certain images.

(5) the Totem as a relative or ancestor of certain images.

(6) the Totem as a clan ancestors and guardians of biological or non-biological.

(7) the Totem is initially as a symbol of the clan, which later evolved for some images of the ancestors of the clan.

(8) the Totem as ancestors or have a special relationship with the people of biological or non-biological.

Decorative Totem is Totem activities a means of art. People in order to enable the Totem to know themselves, to make totems to protect themselves, their assimilation in Totem. If wearing the Totem animal skins or other parts, or braided knot of hair, body decoration and so on. Grosse said: "the original decoration, half fixed, half are active. "Fixing emblazoned with tattoos, loving, wear nose, set lips and chiseled teeth, and so on. Australia a number of clans, most penetrating nose, and then insert the fragment, the aim is not to the United States, as a mark, pray for protection of Totem. Some indigenous African clan, and customs of the North American Indians set lips, in order for the shape of your lips is similar to Totem animal, is a kind of Totem. Not fixed decorations mainly refers to the clothing and dress up. For example, members of the Wolf clan in complete Wolf skins for clothing. Australia when some members of the clan held a ceremony, with color, feathers, leaves and other materials to dress up as totems of the gesture. In the erhai Lake, Yunnan province near the Bai, in ancient times used to fish as their Totem, so popular "fish tail" hair. The Tiger, the tiger skin ornaments, some decorated with dog Crest, the head Crown. Totem activity, the dance is often important art, Totem clan members put on costumes, or disguised as Totems like dancing. Totem and Totem was wearing jewelry in ancient significance. In modern jewelry, in a variety of animals, plants, insects, such as jewelry design, and popular, and perhaps our ancestor worship of Totem has a potential link. As the Dragon and Phoenix pattern in Necklaces Pendants; ring of dragons, snakes, tortoises, insects and drawings; necklaces, earrings, bracelets on the Dragon, chicken and other animals look, can't say the Chinese totem worship with us has no intrinsic and traditional links.

Four, jewelry is a symbol of wealth and status

Famous movie star Sophia? Roland wrote in the book women and beauty, on some occasions, in order to show their identity and values, have to wear expensive jewellery, real, and usually, for safety, you often make very fine gemstone jewelry. In Africa, many tribal leaders, to show off their status and wealth, often in wives and daughters who wear lots of jewelry, some even to the point of culmination. For example, a tribal leader called the Koji mubuli, his wife wore necklaces of copper added up to about 800 pounds, and his six daughters, 120 lbs, love slave with 200 pounds of …….

In Western societies, used to have jewelry and expensive degrees to measure a person's position and status, to jewelry to Diamond's color values. Guy de Maupassant's novel the heroine, Mathilde in the necklace, was married to a little clerk in the Ministry of education, as she and her husband, Luo Saier was Secretary of education when invited to a big party, she was excited after the first thing for decent clothes and precious jewelry and frustration. When she wore a borrowed diamond necklace to Fu Laijie wife when you go to the party, Mathilde lost in blur of the beautiful, charming fantasy dreamland. The result, necklace was lost in the head. In order to repay her for a decade in the doldrums, the result is the ironic tragedy, because she lost a diamond necklace.

The story, perhaps from a side that jewelry for women the importance of identity and status. In China, dynasties in the wearing of jewelry have a strict hierarchy of. Queens, concubines, maids jewelry, such as earrings, BU Yao, differ not only in the material, is on the look, color, and worn parts are clearly defined. In many dynasties, folk women are not allowed to wear gold and silver jewelry and noble jewelry can wear cheap jewelry. In order to form the difference between Court and nobles with the civilian population.

Even in real life, people often have valuable jewelry and value of a city as a standard measure of a man is rich. Thus raising the number of people in order to show their rich and hanging Golden jade from head to toe, even in ten is wearing a ring on her finger. Some people at the time of purchase, not from the aesthetic point of view, but in terms of weight and value of the jewelry. This shows that the utility needs, display of wealth, is decorating the produce and development of the human body. When people were found on the decorations after the United States, to make jewelry with their aesthetic value. As an important means to decorate the human body, through the Millennium, Bandai does not decline, and with the development of productivity and development. From the original stone bone ornaments, feathered to gold and silver jewellery, bronze decoration decoration, developed to a wide variety of jewelry goes, is not only the development of aesthetic taste, is also an important symbol of cultural, scientific and technological development.

Five decorative meaning, jewelry

Grosse in his book on the origin of the art, said: "like the decoration, is the earliest and strongest human desires." Artificial beauty and decoration, with a variety of materials, all kinds of beauty is best displayed on the part of the body by means of decoration and embellishment. In addition to hair and makeup, the clothing outside of the three main, wearing various types of jewelry are the most passionate about things. Exposed parts of the body such as the wrists, fingers, neck, ears, people are always trying to be modified. Some people also like to add in the nose of the world ornaments, put ornaments around the ankle. Each nation has its own traditions ornament and decoration. Different era, decorated in the style of a variation. However, wear parts, accessories, a symbol of the significance of the material, sometimes appears surprisingly similar. Such as wearing necklaces, initial stages of humans in decoration, animal bones, Shuo, stone and other materials strung around his neck, after thousands of years, people's jewelry in the material, there have been many changes in the style, however, necklace is still the most important decorations, decorative parts of the neck is still the most important. For jewelry aesthetic, regardless of background, different cultures, different geographical backgrounds, will have their standards of beauty and aesthetic appeal, and there is a clear tendency. Go and cumbersome as the Tang dynasty Ming and Qing naturality and freshness. Personalized aesthetic in the West, Asians prefer more subtle beauty, and African Nations keen on strong and rich decorative style.

In addition to the cultural background, prevalence and changes of clothing, jewelry, new development of materials and production processes, and also to a large extent, affected people's aesthetic. People's taste is multi-layered and full of variety. Jewelry style, as the fashion cycle shortened and continuous development towards novelty.

six, faith hope

In our style of jewelry, traditional patterns often associated with dragons, phoenixes and happiness and happiness, longevity, good fortune, Kyrgyzstan, and many a symbol of beauty, developed, luck, happiness, happy, successful patterns associated with the text. It is not only the outside of a lineage of history and tradition, also coincides with the psychological needs of people of faith. Each nation has its own traditional symbols, for example, some ethnic jewelry like set red, yellow, and green gemstone, meaning the climate, geography, and. Some people like to use the birds as mascots. Also love somehow flower as ornaments, to Geely. Since ancient times, gold and silver jewelry have been seen as a talisman warding off evil, in a dream of Red mansions of Jia Bao-Yu's chest wearing jade is regarded as lifeblood. Gem mineral crystals, but gives precious stones with mysterious colors of mankind, which, in addition to the effects of its expensive price than the mystique of exotic jewelry, always in people's minds and luck, happiness, meaning better linked together. For example, jade, are considered disaster shelter. Turquoise "all goes well" means. Amber can ward off evil spirits to protect the peace. Diamond meaning faithful and pure. Ruby is a symbol of love. Pearl protects human health and longevity.

In recent years, Westerners believe in astrology and birthstone, along with cultural exchanges between the East and West have gradually been accepted by young people in China. The so-called constellation refers to the Zodiac's position. According to astrological theory, every person born, Zodiac star signs on the horizon and the birth of life are concerned. That similar to the Chinese horoscope. No matter the truth, but with the star sign birthstone associated with its wide range of markets. Jewellers is based on this spirit and mental sustenance, in selling goods at the same time, gives it a symbol of good sense.

It is said that wearing birth stone in the old testament of the Egypt on the, can be found in the book of revelation in the New Testament record, 12-bit, 12 blocks badge the Saints before the gem, heavenly 12 angles, corresponding to 12 months in a year, and each birthstone is given a certain symbolic significance. When people buy jewelry, except for decoration, value and other factors, many people in the meaning as the subject of purchase of precious stones. Perhaps jewelry bring psychological comfort, psychological balance and spiritual enjoyment and distillation, are difficult to compare to other substances.

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